For TV
    Directive Audio Design
    Control your audio without disturbing others nearby
  • BeethoSOL
    Preminum Bluetooth
    Hearing Enhancer Headset
    For Gaming
    Natural 3D Sound
    Boost your Gaming environment with MY THEATER
    Deep Acoustic Bass & Acoustic Vibe
    Micro in Size, but Macro in Sound
    Beautiful & Healthy Life

Beetho SOL

Our self-developed BA driver provides dynamic and high quality sound. Experience noise reduction techniques that only increase your voice but reduce background noise.

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Micro Speaker

Micro-Technology, receivers, and modules are best suited for all electronic devices they want, and they represent optimal acoustics.

Wireless Sound Unit

EM-Tech will attempt to produce wireless sound devices that combine IT and BT with global production bases, and to maintain the best partner relationships with OEMs and ODM.

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EM-Tech Vision

A company that creates new conceptus for electronic applications and parts through technology leading

Technological Innovation

Produce Sustainable Seeds
Career life

Open and Aboveboard Management

Maximize Margin Potential for Shareholders and Employees
Substantial amount management

Customer Surprise

Rapid response to customer needs
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